Introduction Letter

I am Walt Bradley, founder of Healthcare Investigation and Training Solutions, LLC, and served as the Senior Healthcare Investigative Specialist within the Ohio Department of Health’s Abuse Neglect and Misappropriation Unit (ANM) spanning a 16 year career (2000-2016).

Upon completion of over 3,000 investigative assignments in Ohio’s Healthcare Industry I am very familiar with and well respected by a magnitude of your peers. In my time within ODH I have had the opportunity to view the weaknesses in the Healthcare Industry’s guidance and training pertaining to administrative investigations.

Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Executive Directors, Nurse Managers, Social Services, and Human Relations staff are often charged with the administrative tasks of initiating investigations for ODH required Self-Reported Incident Reports as well as internal, corporate related investigations.

Though not being investigators by profession, the administrative staff compiled what information and supporting evidence they believed would document the allegation at point. Many times falling short on accuracy and detail, again, due to the lack of guidance and training from the onset of their career.

Solid, accurate, and complete investigations can have a multi-fold result. SRI review in ODH’s, ANM unit will most likely view thorough investigative reports as having covered the same areas the Healthcare Investigative Specialists would look at upon assignment of the SRI. That said, many SRI investigations may be “Closed on Intake”, resulting in no ODH visit by ANM staff.

The same investigative reports viewed by ODH Surveyor staff managers, upon total clarification of facts, may list a notation to discuss this incident on ODH’s “Next visit.”

I believe “A day without ODH in your building is a good day.” Quality training and investigative practices can help accomplish that goal.

Healthcare Investigation and Training Solutions offers a precise program to you and your staff to implement the procedures of completing investigations thoroughly and accurately.

This program is designed to be presented within your individual facility, no need to travel and be out of your facility with other essential staff. Any unforeseen/emergency incidents can be handled immediately with instrumental staff being in the facility, with the program resuming after the situation clears.

I look forward to bringing this valuable program to your facility. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience for particulars in initiating the program.